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For the mom who gives her all in every area of her life and has nothing left to give herself

Find Your Joy and Purpose

The Wife

Romantic dates, flowers, and weekends just lying in bed have become a distant past.  You love your husband, but are just too exhausted to give anymore of yourself!  You are a wife, a mother, and an employee.  Sometimes you can't even remember who you once were and you may not even remember what she looked like. You give your all to everyone else and have finally realized it is taking its toll on you and your marriage.

The Mom

"Mom, mom, MOM!" That word that you were so happy to hear after birthing your little miracle now sounds like nails on a chalk board. You are running like crazy from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep! Where did that woman go that you once knew, and how can you ever find her again?

The Employee

You show up, you give your all, and no one appreciates what it took just to get here.  The kids were fighting, your eyes are puffy and sore from the lack of sleep and/or crying the night before.  But you got up, got everyone dressed, ready and out the door, and made it to work.  You are a superhero dressed as a company employee!  You have done more by 8 am than many do all day.


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